Who Are Our Digital Agency Clients

As we mainly work with web design, developers and agencies who sell their service under their own brand name, it shouldn't be hard to figure our why they are not listed here. It will be the same with you, should you choose to let us help you with your SEO issues. There will be a level of confidentiality.

We believe the success of any project is based on the quality of relationship between the different parties. We are very honest about how we work and those who share those values.

However, we have worked with other firms and region agencies, some are listed below

Testimonials From Other Clients We Have worked With

  • Mark delivered what was described as the best course ever at our training facilities in Consett. The feedback was outstanding and gave new start ups the real skills they needed to deliver results on their own web site's.

  • SEO is not as easy as I thought, but training made everything clear. It is no wonder, results are delivered with the passion Mark has.

  • If you missed the training session last night, you missed a treat".

    An email sent the day after a meeting with professional consultants in East Midlands.

  • Mark works with us as a consultant.

    He has brought superb results and is now very much parts of the team.

  • As a ecommerce operation where rankings make the difference between failure and success, Mark Flanighan's input has been invaluable. Our first years trading has been superb within a difficult economic climate.

  • <

    Great support, fully understands how to market our business online which deals with unique and specialised products.