Business Social Media

Like it or loathe it, its here and its real.

Business is done all over the world though social media and is still seen as one of the most cost effective ways of marketing and retaining customers. Large corporation like Coca Cola and Pepsi see the benefits and engage visitors so they return again and gain, reinforcing their brand.

However not every company is the same and their strategy will vary based on who buys or uses their services, and of course diversity plays a part. In better words it is not all about new customers, it can be about retention or even just one word trust. A well followed campaign can say wonders about your brand to gain a conversion you would have not have gained had you been "anti-social media".

An Additional Marketing Channel

The truth is, we hated this type of marketing when it arrived not so long ago, even being in the industry. Then being forced to engage due to SEO signals, we found ourselves find new clients directly through our social media campaign. We are now a convert and even though it is unlikely to bring all your customers to your door, it should always be seen as an addition channel to compliment other marketing and promotion. It is a tool that compliments the way many people want to live and suits mobile devices ideally.

Bringing your business into decision makers lives is certainly something that should be looked at. If it is true that your clients need to see your products or brand 7 times before they make a purchase, then Social Media must be the most cost effective way to do this.

You Tube

Video is an exception powerful way to deliver a message and can portray you and your brand in a way that words may not. The best well know way of doing this is via You Tube, that delivers millions of visitors every day. This is another sales channel, that can deliver extra visitors, as well as watching what you do and in certain sectors may deliver more traffic than a search engine. FOKM can help you make a decision of what social media campaign may be right for you. It takes an investment of time on a daily basis to manage campaigns like this and is not for everyone. Social media tends to suit businesses who want to connect with their customers more on a continuous basis, not just when sales are down. There is a small link value also that can increase when your video gains popularity.

Main Players

  • 1

    Still not universally liked, but as it is claimed to be the second largest platform now, (probably including all membership figures) this should not be ignored. It also sends good and more reliable social signals for any SEO campaign. It can be difficult to get anyone to engage using this platform, but don't write it off.

  • 2

    The "daddy" of them all, many visit this brand several times a day to catch up with everyone and everything in their lives. Being liked not only keeps customers informed but indicates a level of trust, vital for conversion. although search engine representatives admit they don not get internal access to Facebook pages, its hard to accept that the interaction between a good page and a website does not send positive signals to Google.

  • 3

    The easiest to get followers and the simplest to deliver messages and the only expense is time. Even though it is easy to get lost in the noise, companies still seem to get a return, which is why Twitter is an essential additional application.

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    Establish platforms include Linkedin, Pintrest, Snapchat and Myspace they all could have a value to you