The SEO Comprehensive Plan That Could Save You Up To 60% On Your Costs

We believe this is the most cost effective and safest way to deliver better Google rankings
by combining the experience of an SEO Strategist together with the normal marketing activity of your enterprise.

This is a not some wonder programme or secret spam system, this is a comprehensive process based on the good health of your web site, removing all obstacles that can reduce you ranking score, together with adding good content where every page has a purpose. Your own marketing actively such as press releases, social media clear advice with trade journals (only as examples) can bring the trust, authority and link value, that makes this a structured plan that will survive the regular updates of Google and bring you sustainable rankings.

On a monthly basis I will will deliver a summary report that will include

Health Audit Ensuring The Foundations Are In Place

No matter how good a house looked, its location, size or convenience would you buy it knowing the foundations were poor and the first bit of bad weather, it would fall apart? Its no different with your website.

All your good work, can be destroyed by not ensuring there were not other factors in the background reducing your ranking score. Unfortunately even with the excellent webmaster tools, there are no red flags explaining what the data provided actually means. I will provide a website health audit that explains each issue relating to your website.

Webmaster Tools

404 Errors

These can dilute your page rank, identify bad redirects, canonical tags as well show any errors from third party sites.

html Improvements

Looking for any duplicate content/titles/description tags. This can cause Google Panda penalties or lower quality scores.

Content Keywords

Identify "website over optimisation" where words maybe over used or presented within a set pattern too often, affecting quality score for specific searches

Link Scan

Identify any negative SEO practices that may be used by the competition to hurt your site as well as bulk back linking practices, that could be seen as spam by Google. (Please note this is a not a full link by link audit that you would do to recover from say a Google Penguin penalty.).

Mobile Usability/Speed

A check to see how useful you site is within the mobile phone world. Identify if you get a green tick for speed on desktop and mobile.

Any Other Notable Google Notifications

Every now and again you are notified of issues or changes directly in your webmaster tools

Majestic SEO

I will provide you a Majestic SEO report of your website, showing your trust score and list of all your back links to help identify the overall quality and quantity.

Broken Links Report

You will be provided within your comprehensive report identification of broken links within your site. This will keep page rank within your website, help identify any canonical problems and improve your customer experience.

Everything above will be included in the Monthly summary report, explaining what the issues mean mean and a plan of how to correct.

Rankings Report

Web Ceo report showing where a selection of your keywords rank rank across 3 search engines.

Content Quality

Physical Check Through Pages

I will look through the site, looking for issues such as core message below the fold, thin or even duplicate content.

Help identify over and under optimisation "missing search opportunities".

Use Google search to identify "Similar pages".

Site menus and structure, url names etc.

The basics such as Title and Description tags.

Alt tags, image naming etc.

A effective way to get more viability is to concentrate on content marketing. We will help you set up a campaign based on your resources and what you want to achieve.

How much is done each month will be based on website size and your ability to get any changes done

Conversion Opportunities

Is your Site Set Up To Convert?

Look to see how easy it is for a potential customer to contact you after visiting your website.

Lets put it this way. If your website conversion is currently at 1%. meaning 1 person in 100 visitors buys something. If you increase this conversion to 2%, you have doubled your online sales/

Back Linking Opportunities

Two Competitor Majestic SEO Reports

To identify link opportunities I will provided 2 reports relating to 2 of your competitors. We can discuss any any of these in the forthcoming meeting. This comprehensive information is used by most SEO professionals to analyse the quality of back links, and only available to those with a paid subscription. I provide the reports at no extra costs.


Email Me With Goals and Website Issues

In order to get the best from our future meeting, you can send an email with next months goals, plans or website issues such as lost rankings, or new products etc. This means I can prepare with answers to have a productive meeting.

Skype Meeting

An Agreed Monthly Online Meeting, Questions, Answers, Action Plan

This is where we bring everything together to ensure we can have the most productive month going forward, based on the data that has been complied.

In a perfect world, your enterprise can now just focus on marketing your products or services in a way that not only sells but also creates, followers to your social media, links to your website together with trust and authority. Most, if not all of these agreed targets, you would be doing within the normal marketing activity of your enterprise anyway. We will just work smarter, to ensure your website gets extra visibility, link value and trust. This may be different with every client, product and time of year. I will suggest ideas and opportunities in your area.

Where the audit shows issues that are affecting performance and reducing visitors, an action plan can be discussed to minimise the damage.

Ask your SEO questions

Discuss your normal social media activity

All meetings will be informal, with a focus on productivity. I have several locations to talk from, some may not be office based.

General Assumptions

Report will include key points discusses in meeting as well as any SEO action planning

Of course we can only do this if you give access to Google webmaster tools and have the ability to use skype or at least access to a phone and computer together. Our meeting can be at a planned agreed time and due to international time lines, can be arranged for most times of the day/evening.

This comprehensive SEO programme is much more than delivering reports, it is how the information is interpreted and the processes put in place from the data that matters. The communication through skype or over the phone is where the real value is, using my experience.

It's also important to understand that we are not trying to sell other SEO services here. Most companies who offer reports on the cheap, just give info that can be captured using software quickly, then present it is a way to sell an expensive package.

And There Is More

What Happens After We have A Great Site?

The audit process of a website will never end as changes are occurring all the time, sometimes from unexpected and non controllable sources. But it is fair to say once you have a great site in place, it should take less time to process the health data and the opportunities to improve become fewer.

A this point we will divert out attention to analytics and what useful information we can gain to increase the right visitors.

Landing pages, time on site any goals,bounce rates etc .

We will only report on this, once and agreement is made to spend less time on the audit.

What We don't Report On

How Your Site Looks

This is subjective and open to all interpretations, so how pretty it looks is between you and your designer. (I may comment on things like javascript if I think it is hurting rankings)

Coding and w3 protocol stuff. Google state it does not affect you, unless there is a loading or speed issue, which should be identified in the health audit.

Branding, logos etc. again separate subject.

Savings On SEO Costs

Smaller Sites For Small Businesses

The average cost for a separate SEO company to work on smaller sites is around £500 a month, (£6000 per year). By switching to this comprehensive plan and incorporating your social media and press releases etc into your normal marketing, you can save up to 60% of costs. This process is not driven by cheap automated software or a gang of link builders from India, this is a human specialist plan that looks at true issues that affect and promote trust and authority and therefore better rankings.

A typical small business site can join the plan for £200 per month plus VAT special opening rate.

Larger Websites

Clearly large websites are unique and can't be quantified without seeing the challenge first. But the actions can be broken into monthly bite chunks of audit and work. These are the platforms that typically have the biggest issues with perceived quality and foundation errors. The monthly price can be broken down to suit both parties

Take Action Now

If you actively market your business and products, are looking for for better rankings, want to save money and do not want to risk handing over your website to strangers. Then the solution is "Just Ahead"