Professional SEO Training

Many businesses/individuals want to control their costs or have a lack of trust when it come to employing those offering ranking services. The constant ever changing process means It is pointless trying to buy a book on the subject as often they are out of date before publication.

So a solution could be to get training from a SEO professional who teaches what he uses every day in his own business? You could save serious money be doing all or most of the work in house without making those common mistakes.

In most cases our course will take a full day, either at the Wilton Centre, or in some cases we can come to you. The event is split into two. The first part is the theory that you need to know, followed by the second where we invite you to show what you intend to optimise and then the trainer shows you how to apply everything you have learnt. This way the learning is structured toward delivering a solution for your project rather than general information on the subject.

Private SEO Tuition

We can train company employees or a group of individuals (min 6) who come together to share the cost. Compared to away days in London or Manchester, we are very competitive if not cheaper. Although there is structure in what we teach, this can be adapted to suit the organisation or sector they are in. Tuition will be structured around the weakness and strengths of the web site the students will be responsible for.

What Also Can Be Achieved

  • Identify roles of employees and what understanding will be critical to them
  • Engage in an audit of the website, to align with the students
  • How the basics of SEO can work with the goals of the company
  • Identify specific solutions that can be delivered by the class
  • More advanced processes or techniques that can really take the company forward.

SEO Mentor

For some, mentoring may be the way forward, as it deals with challenges throughout the year, not just on one training day. We have adapted to offer this service through Skype or telephone. A mentor can continue with communication through the many changes that Google apply to their guidelines and algorithm though the year.

  • Ascertain up to date knowledge, is it current and correct?
  • Work monthly with a client, gradually increasing quality of the website and learning
  • Keep up to date with regular changes that can affect rankings
  • A safety net when things go wrong.

Solution For RDA's and Regional Support

Sometimes much money is given away every year to develop e-commerce projects for start ups by regional development authorities. Often little thought is put into how these e-commerce projects will ever be found and when trainers are employed, it tends to be for starter sessions. The reality is most never are and so businesses never get a return or any benefit from the investment. Any real estate is worthless without searching visitors, so RDA's and support organisations should see training as a priority to anyone receiving funding.

We can handle groups of up to 15, where they will benefit from learning the theory of searches and then we can talk about their own projects during the practical session. This will give any new business, the best chance it can with its new project developed from public money.

What You Learn

  • Basics Of Search
  • Trust Is Key
  • Title, Description Tags
  • Great Unique Content
  • Semantic Content
  • Directory Structures
  • Internal Links
  • Connecting Social Media
  • Sourcing Quality Trusted Links
  • Google Panda, Penguin Filters

If you are a SME or and individual trader or someone thinking of setting up and online project, then this course is right for you. You can't learn everything in one day, but the tools and experience you gain will be enough for most small projects looking at ranking for local search terms. Why not get a group of people together from say a club or social event to share the expense.

Even if your long term goal is to gain high rankings for difficult terms of for larger enterprises, the basics you learn in this day will give you a solid foundation for advanced learning.

Current SEO Schedule

We now only offer courses on a booking basis, based on a minimum of 6 attendees. We can handle fewer people but the base core cost will be the same.

The Basics

  • 1

    This is not a course where a professional teacher reads a script from someone elses experience. The person standng offering the training, is the one who does exactly the same thing in their own business.

  • 2

    The reason why SEO has such a bad name is that there are so many bandit companies out there, who promise you the world and deliver nothing and some cases destroy a web pressence. Even if you choose not to do your own work in house, this training will give you the skills to employ the right agency or ideally, still do some work and outsource the rest..

  • 3

    Bring along your website details and in the afternoon as a team the class can look at it and use the learnings of the day to suggest solutions and a plan to take away.

  • 4

    Haven't we all? It seems no one is safe from agressive email campaigns that suggest they have hundreds of clients and can deliver higher rankings cheaper than a night down the pub. If this is so, why aren't can't you fnd them on the internet? If they are so good, why only charge £50 a month, when top companies would pay thousands a month. They take you money for a long as they can and by then have another customer to take your place. It is too far to fly, to attemot to get any refund or compensation for any damage. Don't risk it

  • 4

    As long as you know what a web site is and the basics of how it is structured then this training will be suitable for you. There will be some terminology used during the day, but for anyone who has built or has come basic knowledge will understand most if not all that is being taught.