Getting Those Keywords Right

Knowing what your customers are looking for is the initial research process that must occur before any campaign can begin.
Getting traffic is important, but it must be the right customers. F.O.K.M. will spend time analysing what terms your potential money making visitors are using within the Google Bing or Yahoo can make the difference between a profitable campaign and a non profitable one.


The search terms consumers use is often referred to as keywords. We will research and analysis potential traffic using the software tools available. This can help you decide the earnings potential before you even start a campaign. Once these have been agreed, we can then work on semantics, so that your content make sense and then they can associated with our on page techniques to match your visitor experience, to improve conversion.

Effective research can also help you within your forecast. The changes that occur to key words are directly linked to customer trends and demand for certain products and services. Like traditional businesses there are often seasonal variations of demand for most items sold. Analysis can also indicate change so you can adapt your strategy.

Surfers are becoming more and more specific with how they locate their chosen services. Long tail terms are becoming standard, as consumers become more educated that they need more descriptive wording to achieve accurate results. Advanced technology has been developed from the 3 big players that can really understand phrases and keywords that will gain the ultimate solution, the best 10 results for any enquiry. This technology is constantly evolving with changes been made to algorithms on a daily basis to improve your experience.

Long Tail

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    It is not unusual for 90% of a website's search traffic to be delivered from unique keywords. Those that are only used once or very rarely. The days where you choose 2 or 3 popular terms and expect all your traffic to come from them have probably gone, as more internet users become more specific to what they are looking for. Search engines are also moving towards delivering results to questions, rather than generic 2 or 3 word phrases.

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    Google's Hummingbird update focuses on asking what you want in a conversational way. I.e. "Where can I find", "How do I use" etc. This means keywords may be a start but are often not enough on their own and should be presented in a way that adds value.

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    Of course search engines need there to be keywords to understand what the page is about, but adding too many makes your content look unnatural and could affect rankings.