Building Back Links That Work

Still identified as an important function in helping better rankings. Each back link is seen as a vote from other webmasters that may aid its positions.

However poor practices is probably the single most popular reason for penalties being applied restricting any high rankings. Google penguin is a very clever filter that measures spam, trust and cross linking practices, that makes much of what was done only a short time ago, now a very negative process. We are fully aware of what is ethical and what is not. We work with you to gain those valuable votes from from high trusted relevant sources.

Ethical Practices

Out of all the processes, link building is where most go wrong an ending up doing more damage than good. The first thing to understand is that the main players, all measure these in different ways and what works well for one, may have a negative impact on another. Google have led the way for years now with their page rank and now trust formula that position pages partly based on the quality, trust, authority and diversity of the back links to it.

Many companies believe page rank is the critical ingredient to high results and nothing else matters, and will do nothing more than buy them which is an unethical practice. This process is now easily identified, especially from un-educated firms who do not see the connection between a campaign they are doing for you and another for a second client. In fact the page rank tool bar has not been updated for a few years now and Google have stated they never will update. They have also stated not to follow page rank at all, so there is a popular view that page rank has been hugely downgraded as a ranking factor, or may not even exist at all. We have had to change our old processes from years ago, reversing a lot of work and using the disavow tool. A single connection from a good authority presence can do wonders for higher positions and it is much better to get these few opportunities than to spend time gaining higher quantities of what what may be ranking destroying examples. It is all about trust not only to your customers but to Google too.

We don't offer a link building service we firmly believe the client is in a better position to obtain the right type of links, using their trade and client connections.

Trust Authority

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    After Google Penguin was launched it became apparent that many websites would not be able to recover unless they could "undo" link profiles that now were destroying their traffic. So Google introduced the "Disavow Tool" within the search console, to tell Google to ignore certain back links. It can take several weeks and possibly months for the disavow report to work.

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    Subscription services such as Majestic and Open Explorer do a good job at measuring what is a good link and what is a spammy one. They use their own scoring system based on the data they collate trying t emulate Google spiders. Many SEO firms, use these services as their "Bible" of back linking. The reality is these are great resources, but should be used as a guide, balanced with experience.

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    It goes without saying that article sites, blog comments and free directories are by in large practices that will deliver low trusted links, that are likely to do you more harm than good. Google have also put steps in place to deal with guest blogging and and press releases. Although most believe if done correctly, still can have a positive affect.