The Intangible Service: Or Is It?

For just about every other service you would employ someone to do, there would be guaranteed results set to a timescale that would determine the success of that project.

But whether we like it or not, when we take on other companies for a top 10 position in Google, you are entering into a competition which could be very fierce. Then you have to consider all of the other external factors and non controllable's that makes it impossible to promise tangible results.

History shows us in other competitions, that even when you buy it train the best, this itself does not guarantee a win. If you wish quality rankings, you have to understand that top positions cannot be continuously guaranteed when employing an external agency, and the service offered is very intangible.

In fact unlike many other agencies we never promised top 10 positions, we just promised to always work as hard as could to gain them. And this is what we did, even though we often never got contracts into he first place, do to the promises of other less professional outfits.

Lets Together Try To Reverse This Trend

We have worked hard to put together a process or plan that reduces the uncertainty and works far closer to the rules that are unlikely ever to change rather than the more aggressive stances, that may bring short term results, but where all the work could be wiped out with a single Google update.

It means working closer with traditional marketing methods and creating the best website we can with regular fresh content and information that could only be written by professionals in that field. we do our part by showing you exactly what we will be doing in the form of health reports, recommendations and online meetings. This is all very tangible. This is good news for us also, because it is easier to factor in time scales and we keep the cost down by doing everything online.

History V Present

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    The past was all about link building. Some months we could deliver some good links in a few hours of work, other months we could work flat out and not find any links worth while. For those business owners who wanted to know what they gaining from their money, it became hard to quantify and so we working on a "swings and roundabouts" type relationship that just did not work with some companies..

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    The Comprehensive SEO plan has been designed to quantify what we do. We help protect you web site with.