SEO Support Services For Companies

I offer a seo services support plan for companies who want to have some control over their online activities so their custoners, can see them as they want them to.

F.O.K. Marketing offers a plan, which includes SEO health audits, physical content checks, conversion advice, back link opportunities as well as a monthly online meeting, raising issues and updates, which can be adapted to suit the client's needs.

There are some basics of SEO that can be learned quickly and form the structure of good professional processes, such as quality content and trusted authority back links.

But in the real world, those who practice SEO on a daily basis know that it is more complicated than this to deliver consistent results. Sites have to be of a high quality and many issues in the background can affect this, human perception of good content is not always how Google sees it, and the rules of engagement not only change with major algo changes, but consistently as the search engines constantly strive for better natural search results.

Delivering Those SEO Services

Real damage can be done to website rankings, if out of date or the wrong practices are used. The internet is still full of advice that has never been updated, or quite frankly wrong from day 1. It is estimatd that 75% of all online information regarding SEO is either out of date or just inaccurate.

It is not surprising that SEO takes more effort than before, standards need to be higher andyou may be further behind than you think.

Invests In SEO Research

Keeping up to date with the latest changes, techniques, processes and SEO news is almost a full time job in itself and to think all this information is readily available online, would be a mistake. All the large SEO providers invest time to do their own research and experiments and do not rely on third party forum answers to explain what works and what doesn't. F.O.K Marketing also invests in experiments, 500 alone during the initial first 2 years of Google Panda, to ensure we fully know what is truly white hat against most SEO companies still do, deliver cheap links that if not already hurting rankings, will soon do so.

A Typical SEO Health Audit Consisting

  • 404 error reporting.
  • Identifying any duplicate content
  • Over optimisation signals
  • Site speed acceptability, Mobile usability.
  • Broken links report
  • Back link opportunities
  • Penalty support and investigation

This is not a comprehensive list just an example

Your business will still need to invest some time to each of your SEO clients, and any design changes to sites will be your responsibility. But this process will give you more time for the other functions in your business at the same time delivering a professional SEO service without the risks of outsourcing.

Of Course We Know About Keywords

You can see we are not making a big issue on the basics such as keywords, title tags, h1 headers etc. Quite frankly these basics should be in place already. The SEO support on offer goes beyond basic knowledge as and when it is required, it's not about going over the basics, it's about lifting your clients "value add" to a higher level, even if sometimes it is an agreed second opinion rather than something learned.

Digital Agency Requirements

It is fair to say that most digital or web design agencies fall into 2 categories. Those who employ dedicated SEO talent and do everything in house and those whose talents lie more on the design and programming side and so outsource this process.

Our support plan is different in that it falls right in the middle of both these two, giving experience and support to those who would normally outsource and saving time for those dedicated providers.

We now know that SEO can no longer be seen as a separate function to normal marketing, social media and even site design. This is why total outsourcing is out dated and this Digital agency Support Programme brings experience and support back into house.

better option

Credibility Versus Confidentiality

Trust plays a massive part in employing anyone involved in this industry. The normal credibility procedure is to show rankings previously achieved for certain keywords. However the support service we deliver is more about confidentiality and for some clients this is a critical factor.


A typical programme will have a different cost based on website size and challemge ahead.

Final note; Search for "Digital Agency SEO Suport Plan" on

Typical Clients

  • 1

    Understand the basics such as title, headers and keywords. Keeps up to date with Google changes, but accepts that more detailed knowledge is required to offer a respectable SEO service. Does not have the time to complete regular website audits and research for opportunities.

  • 2

    The internal focus is on content/inbound marketing and link building. There is a desire to outsource other time consuming functions, not losing overall control of each project.

Business Speak

  • 1

    We all know that SEO knowledge is expensive and those who have it expect a good remuneration. At the same time many of the processes are nothing more that admin functions or copy writing. We bring the knowledge part into your business without the full time wage

  • 2

    Most agencies who have outsourced before have a horror story to tell. This is a much safer option. This support plan does just that, we help, we audit, we research, we analyse, we advise, but you stay in control.


  • 1

    Of course the cost is kept down, by working on a bulk basis only, dedicating a specific amount of time to your clients.

  • 2

    I will design a reporting plan based on your requirements that will look in detail at any and all aspects that could be reducing any search score together with opportunities or strategies that can improve rankings.

  • 3

    This is not a full outsourcing offer, these are still your clients and you remain fully in control of any campaign. But what we offer is foundation support, errors reports and strategies to massively reduce your time you need to invest in each project.

  • 4

    There is no intention to challenge any agency knowledge or opinions, or teach any "Grannies" to suck eggs. Each client will have different needs based on the time and talent they have available, not to mention the types and quality of projects they are working on.

  • 5

    As updates occur, (one thing that we can be sure of), we will keep you informed, initially from information we have gained from professional sources, then in time from our own experiments.

  • 6

    Everything we report on can be quantified with regular monthly online meetings via skype, goto meeting or phone.

  • 7

    We can work with English speaking agencies worldwide as we are not controlled by a 9 to 5 schedule.

  • 8

    We are a small company looking for quality business relationships rather than numbers.