Pay Per Click Marketing

Google started this form of advertising some time ago, when it discovered it was becoming too big to be a university project only and needed a viable business proposition.

It is now available across all of the big 3 players. PPC is a way of you being found on the first page, in return for a charge for every time someone clicks on your advert. These adverts are normally placed on the right hand side or above most natural result listings. Many businesses would consider this type for marketing to get immediate viability or even to enhance their other online campaigns.

Benefit Of Instant Results

The first real benefit is the ability to get instant results. Set up a pay per click campaign now and within 5 minutes your adds will be in front of those looking for your type of products or services. The bad news is, the costs vary immensely depending on how competitive the advert is and how many times a potential client clicks on your add. Huge competition for profitable keywords means that many do not get a return on investment, so only someone with the experience to deal with such instances should in control of such PPC projects.

We have extensive honest experience in PPC campaigns. We use the word honest carefully, because we just don't believe it is a cost effective solution for everyone. The concept tends to suit high ticket or high margin products or services, rather than stack it high sell it cheap online units.

Of course for those organisation who are looking for more than sales, such as brand awareness there are some very good reasons to manage their PPC campaigns.

What We Can Do

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    We can help agencies with keyword research and identify opportunities. Too many agencies just go with what is suggested with the provider themselves and do not use the experience within the company itself to identify the right type of customer and what part of the buying process they are within.

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    How you present an advert directly relates to its click though rate (CTR) and as we know this affects how much a client will pay for each click, is pretty much an essential service that we can assist on.

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    Should you use existing web pages as the target URL or is is it better to design new ones specifically for PPC. Since the quality score of a PPC page is measured differently to natural pages, sometimes this is a solution to keep costs down and conversion up..