• Top 5 Ways To Make A Start At Twitter

    Twitter has been holding its own in the top five social media networks for some time now. But it’s come a long way from its early beginnings. Whether you’ve been on Twitter a long time or are new and looking to break out with a great start, there are some things you should know first.

    If you are new and are struggling to make an identity here then you can just pick some quick ways to get some people to follow you:

    Create a nice avatar:

    Pictures always speak for themselves. If your avatar picture is clumsy and unprofessional people will just assume that you are clumsy and unprofessional. Great avatars make people follow you. Sometimes people make a mistake by putting a picture where they are standing in a valley or mountain with a pea sized image of themselves visible. People do not want to see your background, but you. Use a picture that shows your face very clearly. Also try to use fine pixels that even if people enlarge your picture it does not turn into a pixelated mess.

    Create a nice bio:

    Who are you? Why are you on Twitter? Why should anyone care? Your bio should answer these questions but remember you only have limited space to work with so be simple and concise. Be honest and sincere in your bio. Don’t represent yourself as someone or something that you are not. Remember that you can also use this space t share your website URL or some other link.

    Follow Potential People:

    The first thing you want to do after you have a neat profile is to follow a bunch of the right people. Make sure to follow those people whom you already know and those who might be mutually connected to you because there are high chances that they will follow you back. You want to follow people who are related to your niche, in your industry or whose updates you are interested in seeing regularly. You don’t want to just fill your stream up with a bunch of people hoping they will follow you back.  

    Throw Questions:

    If you just keep tweeting and it seems that there are not a lot of people who are interested to hear you, then you should reconsider and try asking them questions instead that can act as a hook to reel people in to your conversation. Remember that social networks are about being social. So get out there and start communicating better.

    Send @messages to famous people:

    If you are new on Twitter you might not know that @messages can be sent to anyone. All you need to do is specify whom you are sending it to. Even if they don’t personally respond to you, it can get you noticed by their followers if you tweet to famous people. Make sure the person or the message are related to what you do and that it’s not just random spam.

    Do you have some more tips to share about getting started on Twitter?

    Denise Wilson loves tweeting about her day and also writing articles about Twitter to help others. When she’s not doing that, she has 2 kids and 3 cats to take care of.