• So This Is The Plan For 2015

    We have tried this several times over the last few years, but something has always got in the way of training and supporting others outside of our own internal projects. the challenges has been around the huge amount of time and trust issues regarding selling any SEO service. Many companies just accept a high drop off, and spend time attaining new clients. So long as their new customer equals those leaving, then that is a result and employ sale people to deliver to new recruits.
    Our opinion is only those who practice SEO on a daily basis has the ability to sell it. And quite frankly we have been too busy to do both. As in all businesses, customers go out of business change their priorities or move away, so clients will change. But we pride ourselves in retention and good relationships, which is another reason why we had cut down on external SEO work.

    Less Information On The Web

    Contrary what many DIY SEO’s think, there is not that much detailed information on the web. Yes the basics are there, but when it comes to specific data, well this is too valuable to give it away free. So when there is a major update, like Google Penguin, You Tube and forums are awash with solutions, well before any experiments have been dome to prove and authenticate. We like many others have trusted this info, only to be hurt bad. so now we only change our processes until the experiments are in place to what the changes are. This has been complicated even more with Google’s refusal to explain what changes mean to search.

    Confidence, Trust and Tangibility

    However we now feel confident to offer external SEO once again, but in a different cheaper and more trustworthy way. It is called the SEO Comprehensive Support Plan, aimed at digital agencies and has been designed to give tangibility to the whole process, where the client never loses control over their websites. It saves time on many of the boring, aspects and reporting issues, leaving the agency to focus only on the marketing, like PR, link building and killer content.
    This may seem like a lot of work but gone are the days where you deliver 100 links a month, or submit sites to 1000s of directories. In many cases only a small amount of quality trusted links are needed in total. Such has been the elimination of low quality and non trusted sites. In fact I often see number one ranked sites that have no links at all just a bit of social media interaction.

    Lets Get Closer

    But Google does look at websites more closely now, to score them in things like broken links, content above the fold, load speed and image naming. That is why audits are more important than ever and our support plan, does just that, Audit you sites together with creating strategies to take any website forward.