• Searching For Those Supporting Solutions: Right or Easy?

    During the infancy of the web those who wanted to discover how to rank for their chosen keywords, would join certain webmaster forums and do a bit of searching on the web and very likely there would be simple solutions

    presented to help them. But with such massive change in procedures and with so much information presented now out of date, deciding what is right it much more difficult.

    Facts Do Not Rank On That Factor Alone

    It may be even more clear cut than this. Those going through the learning phase may in fact just read the first piece of information they find, assuming that Google would only show factual pages at the top of the listings. The reality is, Google does not use factual data (at the moment) as a ranking factor. The articles you are likely to find on page one are those that have earned trust and authority during the time they have been live, with good back links and a lot social media interaction. This trust has been built up over time, but this is where the weakness may lie. Articles that are of a certain age, may in fact be well out of date, such is the pace that this industry moves at.

    Forums are no better. There is a perception that those who contribute to forum activity must have the appropriate experience to comment. Of course there are those who are, but there is no correlation between those who contribute the most and those who are experienced enough to do so. So much information is third hand based on reading other comments and yes out of date articles on the web. Those who really do have the knowledge to give real advice are often too busy running businesses or charging for consultancy to spend much time offering free instruction. This is not strictly 100% true, there are some good contributors who now their stuff, but as forum rules often prevent any real domains to be promoted, it is hard to decide really who are these guys?

    Do You Read Your Stars?

    Being younger I remember reading my star sign for the day and if it said, things were going to be good, I believed them, but when they said something I did not want to read, I would dismiss them as Rubbish!

    This scenario occurs also for those searching for that silver bullet, that will deliver superb results for almost no input, or maybe $29.99 a month from some linking scheme, that of course is Google friendly and will survive every update going. When reading a so called solution, is the decision based on the facts of today or based on what they want to read? In this scenario you might as well read you stars, “Today Your Visibility will Soar”.

    Here Is The Crunch. Are You a Digital Agency That Does Just That?

    Running a website developing company or agency can sap up your time, you need answers quick, so are you sure that when searching for answers on SEO are you really getting the right solutions. Are you looking for answers that are right for your client, or easy to deliver? Ultimately supporting your client to better visibility is an ongoing responsibly, rather than in the creative process, that when the website is handed over and money has changed hands, so goes the responsibility and so let’s move to the next client.

    Having the right knowledge to deliver an SEO service, requires investing time in connecting with the right people, ensuring all update are followed and I firmly believe doing your own in house experiments. Can you imagine Coca Cola or Pepsi sharing their recipe to the world? Or a football team sharing their strategies with the competition? So the perception that SEO professionals’ just share everything to the world, should also be taken with a pinch of salt. They share just enough to keep you engaged that can be valuable, but only be doing your own in house experiments or connecting with ourselves to share our experiments can you feel confident that you are fully in charge of your SEO offering.