• Last Post Dated 2015, That IS Fresh Content Right!

    So I write the title with a tongue in cheek attitude, how does some guy who says he know SEO and believes in strategy, not post a single thing on his blog since 2015? Well yes, that is me LOL.

    OK I could give you lots of reasons, but the bottom line is I got despondent with selling SEO services to clients, during this period as it was becoming very difficult to set a long term strategy when so many changes were occurring in Google.

    Imagine you have redesigned your website, only to find you have to bring content from the lower paragraphs up to above the fold. Or that lovely image based site, no longer loads quick enough and needs redesigned. Your business pages that shows every size of every T Shirt and color, now needs canonical tags added to select the master page etc. The list goes on and on.

    It all seems basic stuff now, but back then as soon as one update came along, you communicated it back to the client, then another update and another.
    Most business owners are too busy running their business, to keep up with these things or even believe they actually matter. So much time keeping abreast rather than moving forward.

    I always working with small businesses with smaller budgets, sometime I would have to wait for the changes to be made.
    So there came a point, where I needed to step back and lets this period of railroad changes pass by and wait for a time to normality.
    Little did I know it would take several years?

    So This Post has not been written to rank, not to be found by keyword phrases, it is here just to add some freshness to the blog. Hey this was written in 2019, yes this website still exists.
    No 1500 words to gain authority, I may add the stuff like SEO strategy to gain an internal link to an important page but that is about it. Not even an info graphic to really set it apart.
    Going forward though now, there is more time to really plan, when the latest search console is complete, I will put together the most detailed audit report you can get. But even that has to wait to see if all the information available in the old version will transfer to the new.

    I wonder if it will be 2022 before I write the next blog post?