• Doing Your SEO, All In House

    The first session on the Pubcon after the keynote speaker was about in house SEO. Clearly when working in larger organisation, that do development, design, graphics, social media plus all other traditional marketing, it is very easy for this to be pushed down the priorities. This session discusses the difficulties that specialists have in keeping SEO at the top of the priorities and and how all other functions should fit in with it.

    FOK Marketing don’t have these issues in house as this is all we do, but clearly when working with sites that have been developed by other people, the same issues arise if not greater. Clearly communication between people is the key, but when someone does not understand why flash can harm rankings, or why the size of images can affect load times, it can become challenging.

    So clear instruction and priority setting with everyone working to the same goal, even if personal artistic preferences are out on the shelve, is key, as the client is obviously a priority and without searchers they often have nothing. We have also had these challenges, but fortunately we have now a network of developers who work within our guidelines, so many of the challenges stated in the conference, we do not suffer any more.