• Getting Your Reputation Right

    Another superb session from Pubcon Vegas, dealing ensuring your strategy for Google reputation is high on the agenda when it comes to better rankings. The session started with Andy Beal of Marketing Pilgrim, with specific information on how to test your site for your brand name as a keyword. Lets be honest, you should be ranked number 1 for your brand name, unless your name is the same as a bigger company. We normally work on ranking ourselves for search terms, but we must now understand that Google looks for sites with good reputation and will use all information available to ascertain a value, so part of the process to to ensure it does not see anything bad about your site.

    By using a simple spread sheet and measuring all top 20 results we will then aim to fill as many of the those 20 places as possible, using secondary owned sites, social media sites and ideally third party sites. Sub domains are treat as a separate domain, so it is possible to use sub domains to enhance the brand name within.

    This followed by Tony Wright CEO WrightIMC who talked about managing reviews sites out there. Negative content on review sites can damage your reputation, especially in within their controlled sites, such as Google maps. So thinking a head and avoiding bad comments, as well contact customers and asking them to reverse comments, can be  beneficial to your business on the web. It fits in well with customer service anyway.