• Getting Your Work Space Right

    Most of my clients know I spend quite some time in Spain each year, where I continue to work, within a completely different environment to being in an office all day. The truth is, most productivity occurs outside of the office, free of phone calls and emails which can be destructive to time. A clear head helps understanding the experiments that are practiced to understand algorithms and updates, so being in Spain sometimes delivers more productivity. But then comes where to work, when it is scorching hot and when there is no second office.

    Where To Sit

    Crucially for me, where I sit determines how long I will keep at something. So a good computer chair, that relaxes back and turns as I move and supports the whole length of my back is very important. It may seem such a small thing, but if I get an extra 2 hours a day in, because I am comfortable, and not needing to constantly stop then that must be good news for me and my clients.

    Make It Clickable

    I have come to realise that a clickable mouse is still quicker and more comfortable. So I have a mouse in place on my Spanish desk, but leave it there for when the laptop goes mobile. Often there is more than one computer running. It is easier to check emails and run reports on a second computer, rather than switching in and out of programmes on the main one, I write and programme with. I also hate paperwork next to the computer, unless it is something I am writing notes down for. I have writing notes on a tablet or computer, I still prefer paper and pen. This is not particularly good for recording results, but I prefer it for “to do” lists, action plans and key thoughts, especially if I am working on a rankings recovery project.

    Morning Start

    A good start in the morning normally means a burn out around mid afternoon, then a return to the work into the night. There can’t be a 9 to 5 routine when aiming to understand rankings. every day lost without rankings, is money lost. so the work patterns tend to be extreme. either full on, or very relaxed.
    The winter in Spain is slightly different though. It does get warm during the day, but nights can get cold, so work needs to be inside and you may as well be back in the office in the UK.

    Productivity V Cost

    When we moved to the Wilton Centre several years ago, a concern was the extra monthly payment against the offices we previously had. However within a month, we noted our productivity had increased beyond the extra cost and we have never forgot that learning. Your work space is somewhere you could spend a third of your lives, so it make sense to make not only comfortable but productive too. Being able to work, that suits you should also be important, although we know that in many companies, you work to suit their policy and location. A benefit of working for yourslef, is you can control that environment more.