Lead Generation

There are situations where expecting a sale directly through the system is not likely to happen because more information and credibility is needed before purchase..
This is especially true will big decisions such as a mortgage, car lease or where you are selling a service that needs detailed information before a quote. FOKM have platform's that will send leads to you, so you can contact the customer or quote direct. We take responsibility for the promotion of our marketing and you only charge per lead.

Using Our Technology

FOKM has developed lead generation technology and combined it our specialty in delivering traffic and marketing techniques to deliver customers to services that would not be found through search with their own presence. The systems are designed to give the consumer the information it needs before and after filling in a form with the information you need to contact them or give a price. Incorporating feedback systems and allowing all professional members to have their own internal description page to explain who they are and what they do, not only gives confidence to your potential buyers, but will increase your conversion rates

It has taken considerable investment and time to create these system originating from the car parts markets and investment that many enterprises cannot justify themselves. Each platform then goes through a 12 month plan to get sufficient natural rankings to deliver sufficient traffic. Not that will be a risk to your bottom line, as our fair price scheme means you only pay for leads you receive and then they become cheaper if presented to more clients, so you have as much chance of getting the conversion as anyone else, but have paid considerably less. If you are interested in any of our lead generation platforms, or have in fact an idea for one, or would like to be part of future projects please get in touch using the call back form. Back

Our Sites

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    We bring customers to the used car parts sector. Breaker yards around the country subscribe to our sites, that have a huge quantity of enquiries every day. Carsparefinder is an inhouse project.

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    Many brealer yeards require old MOT failures and consumer need somewhere to didpose of their vehicles. we bring this together with our scra-car.co.uk website anothre inhouse project.

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    Delivering leads for the car lease sectors must be one fo the hardest to be in, but have done thins for several years with myleasebam.co.uk. A key inhouse success.