About F.O.K.M.

It all started sometime in the early 2000s not long after Google started to monetize its search engine with “Adsense”. I saw an advert asking me to pay 50 dollars or so and get the secrets to how to make money online using the new Pay Per Click advertising. I never did part with 50 dollars, but did find enough information to understand how it all worked.

I quickly started experimenting with affiliate marketing and PPC together and figured out for every 3 pounds I spent on marketing I could earn 12 back in commission. Amd so my digital marketing career started, although part time at this point.

It did’t take long for Google to tighten up its guideline and brands started to restrict using their brand name with PPC and I now knew of I wanted to continue with a digital marketing career, I need to know and understand Search Engine Optimisation.

From that point on I was hooked o how to take a website from position A to position B, to improve visitor numbers and profit.

Today I have extensive knowledge of dmarketing websites online, though the ups and downs of Google changes.

Based In Stockton On Tees

Stockton Tees TS17 0YB

Telephone:+44 1642 680 187
E-mail: admin@fokm.co.uk

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