search engine optimisation

search engine optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

When your customers are searching for a product or service using a search engine, chances are it will be one of the web site's found on the first page of a search engine that they will buy from. Will this be you, or your competition?

If you think that being near or at the top of Google, Yahoo or Live results can help your business and add to your bottom line profits, then get in touch with an honest SEO company. To learn more about our search engine optimisation (SEO) services, then continue reading.

(seo) search engine optimisation

Many customers now use search engines looking to find their chosen services or products. By ensuring you are on the first page of these search engines will give you the best chance of selling what you offer. Without traffic to a web site, you have no sales, let us deliver that traffic for you.

s(PPC) pay per click marketing

It takes time to deliver "seo" results, so if you need traffic now, we can set up a Pay Per Click marketing campaign for you. This form of marketing give you guaranteed search engine positions in return for payment, every time someone clicks on your ad.

No Traffic No Sales

Having a commercial web site and no plan to market it is like buying 1000's of colour brochures and storing them where no one can see them. This sounds like an absurd thing to do, but every year around 95% of all those who create of pay someone to build them an online enterprise do just that, by not factoring in a search engine marketing campaign to deliver the traffic to their web site.>As far as online sales goes, if you do not have traffic you do not have sales and so a search engine marketing campaign should be a top priority to deliver that traffic. There are different ways to deliver traffic via the online search engines, from search engine optimisation (natural search results) to pay per click solutions, where you pay for results. You could also include social media marketing using online sources such as Twitter, Facebook and others to distribute your sales message.

We have a wrath of experience to deliver results in all these formats, and we are driven by results not by unrealised promises. Our approach to search engine marketing is an honest one, in which we turn down more clients that we accept to work with. We have proven results within many sectors of search engine marketing and are looking to work with businesses that have an allocated online marketing budget and understand the timescale's in delivery. There are many who will promise the world, tell you what you want to here and give you the confidence to part with your money. This is not how we work! FOK marketing does not deliver false promises, it works hard to deliver results. We tell you what you need to hear, not what you want hear even if this means losing you. If your working morale's match ours, then give us a call.

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