What Is SEO?

This is the process of creating a website that is perceived to be the best for particular search term your clients or customers are using to locate your service or products on the internet. You are afflictively optimising your site to maximise the chances of ranking in Google or other engines. There are over 200 processes within SEO that are measured to help your site get to the first page results. When your customers are trying to locate a product or services, chances are it will be one of the those found on the first page searches that they will buy from. Will this be you, or your competition?

Trustworthy SEO Company

If you think that being near or at the top of the results can help and add to your bottom line profits, then get in touch with an trustworthy company. Trust plays a big factor when employing someone to do this type of work, it takes time and up to date expertise on algorithms and spam filters, that only those who study SEO, can be qualified to deliver.

A Typical SEO Campaign Can Consist Of The Following

  • Writing and publishing fresh relevant and engaging content that keeps customers on you website.
  • Ensuring the page and site structure is suited to webmaster guidelines
  • Understand how to present titles and descriptions, so there is a full understanding of pages content
  • A easy follow menu route, each for customer, easy for spiders
  • Engage with social media, so that site and platform relates to each other
  • Encourage and gain trusted links for authority sources
This is just a small sample of tasks of what is required to optimise a quality website.

Our Current Position On Offering SEO Services

Over the last few years the process that helps you to rank higher has changed beyond recognition to that previously. The whole concept is more integrated with tradition types of marketing and design is a much more critical function that just providing something that looks pretty. Because of these changes, and the ever changing searching trends, F.O.K.M. now recommends the route of mentorship, to support companies and even digital agencies to achieve higher rankings. In many cases, your firm is in a better place to achieve better SEO results, because of the connections within your industry that make your company an authority in the field you trade within. This is key to link building, trade searches, social media and good SEO content, they key ingredients to a successful website. The signals that indicates a good site, can also come from intelligent design and branding, again something that is mostly controlled by you. So rather than delivering SEO campaigns for you, it makes sense in this current climate to work alongside your company, offering you the expertise, whilst you deliver the work we would normally class as white hat SEO. Read More

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